2 pax Beef Rendang

This is our very own generations old family recipe from Bandung, Indonesia. Served as the centrepiece for many family celebrations like birthdays and private parties.  A much-requested dish, it is a special treat that always pleases young and old. 

Time needed to prepare and cook rendang, from scratch to the final dish, is extremely time-consuming, taking between 3-4 hrs and this excludes finding the right recipe and shopping for the freshest ingredients.

Due to the insistence of our very dear friends, we have decided to cook this dish for you.   So all you need now is a good hearty appetite!


Serves 2

Ingredients provided :

Beef shin, big red chilli, dry chilli, big onion, garlic, ginger, galangal, turmeric, lemongrass, gula melaka,  assam, grated coconut, coconut cream, lime leaves, turmeric leaves, sea salt, basmati rice.


As a special, we will be cooking Beef Rendang for your ready consumption. Limited quantities available.