Ingredients make a dish; fresh ingredients determine a dish.

With this in mind, HomeFoods selects only fresh ingredients.  We emphasise health without compromising on flavour. We state each ingredient on our recipe cards so you know exactly what goes into your meals. 


HomeFoods uses a mixture of grass-fed and grain-fed livestock, and hormone-free beef, all of  which our suppliers get directly from farms in USA, Australia and New Zealand. Their products are heavily sought-after in the market due to the high quality. 


Here at HomeFoods, we use French poulet chicken and chicken that are not subject to antibiotics and growth hormones.  These chicken are reared in hygienic environment with more than sufficient space for them to move.  We call them "Happy Chickens". 


Depending on seasonality, our fish come from either local farms or deep seawater. Our favourite fish come from a local farm and are caught only upon receiving your order.  This farm does not use antibiotics, chemicals or anti-foulants in the process of breeding, or maintaining the farm.  It is located at a spot with fast-flowing waters, which results in healthy and clean-tasting fish. The farm is locally regulated, and applies sustainable practices. Solar power is the main source of electricity, and farm waste is recycled where possible.


Our recipes provide unprocessed, whole foods options including healthier grains such as quinoa and even farro.  Whole grains, unrefined grains, beans, nuts, and seeds are rich in complex carbohydrates and fibres, which is why we choose to incorporate these into our recipes. 


HomeFoods does not provide milk and eggs due to the delicate nature of these items.  We advise you to obtain your own, for recipes that require these ingredients. 


In general, our recipes will call for sea salt instead of table salt, lesser and healthier oils, and natural, fresh herbs and spices. Should you not already have cooking oil, salt and pepper at home, you may wish to purchase these from us before you check out your meal orders.  


By sourcing our vegetables and fruits direct from premium farms locally and across the globe, we shorten the time between harvest and delivery, resulting in fresher produce at reasonable prices. The farms we work with are audited to ensure that they adhere to the best agricultural practices


On our recipe cards, there are items e.g. sea salt, black and white pepper, olive oil, cooking oil,  denoted with an asterisk (*) which we highly recommend  you stock them in your kitchen as we will not be providing them in our packages. These are easily available and affordable at nearby convenience stores or supermarkets.  In fact, you probably already have them in your kitchen.  However if you wish, you may also purchase these from us before you checkout your cart. 





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