Food Storage & Use of Ingredients


How long do the ingredients remain fresh ?

Every meal will have a consume-by date. You should place the items in your refrigerator as soon as you receive it to ensure freshness.

Again, you also have the option of purchasing a HomeFoods cooler bag from us to allow us to drop the food packages at your doorstep if no one is available to receive the delivery. 

Are the fresh ingredients already pre-cut and pre-washed ?

Most of the meats will already be prepared to the appropriate size for cooking according to the recipes.

Most of the vegetables (e.g. hardy ones) will be pre-cut to size.  However the more delicate vegetables and fruits (e.g. tomatoes, parsley, avocados, mangoes etc) will not be pre-cut so that maximum freshness will be retained for you.

None of the ingredients are pre-washed so that their freshness will not be compromised by the time you are ready to cook. We advise you to wash and clean all ingredients thoroughly before use in accordance with  good Food Safety regulations and practices.


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