Where do you deliver to ?

We deliver to the person and address provided to us at point of ordering. In case of emergency, where the delivery details need to be amended, please notify us at by 3pm Friday of each week prior to the delivery day.

How much is the delivery ?

The minimum order for delivery is $50.

A charge of $10 will be added on for deliveries below $100

Orders $100 and above will enjoy free delivery.

Who can receive the delivery ?

We deliver to the person at the registered address you provide us with at the point of order.  Should no one be available to receive the meal packages, we will place it at your entrance.  If you foresee this event happening, we advise you to either provide a cooler box at your entrance or purchase one from us before checking out.

My order was delivered with items missing/damaged. What can I do ?

If items are missing or damaged, you can notify Home Foods at

HomeFoods reserves the right to either replace the items or credit the value of the missing or damaged item or the entire value of that dish into the customer's account with HomeFoods. HomeFoods will always elect to act for the welfare and safety of our customers and staff, including third party vendors. 


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