What is the size of one order ?  How much does one order cost ?

One order provides a meal for two people.  The price shown is the price for one order e.g. if the stated price is $35, then the meal for two people costs $35.

What is the minimum order required for each meal ?

We have a minimum total order of $70 for delivery, but you may order as many meals as you wish.  However, do note that each meal is for 2 persons, not one.

This may be different during special occasions and unique sale seasions.  Please check the website for the latest details. 

How do I place an order?

Add your chosen meals into the cart by Wednesday, 10pm each week.  Upon checking out, you will be prompted to give us your personal information, choose your delivery day (Saturday or Sunday) and your preferred time slot,  subject to availability. 

Deliveries may also be available on other days for purposes of celebrating occasions and public holidays.  Please check the website for updated information.

You can opt to purchase a cooler bag from us to keep your purchases fresh should you or your representative be unable to receive your orders at the time of delivery. 

How do I change or cancel my order?

Once payment has been accepted and confirmed, no change or cancellation is allowed.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment with Visa, Mastercard, internet banking and cash on delivery. 



Where do you deliver to ?

We deliver to the person and address provided to us at point of ordering. In case of emergency, where the delivery details need to be amended, please notify us at delivery@homefoodsgroup.com by 3pm Friday of each week prior to the delivery day.

Delivery dates may differ during special occasions and sales.  Please check the website for the latest dates. 

How much is the delivery?

The minimum order for delivery is $70.

A charge of $12 will be added on for deliveries below $100

Orders $100 and above will enjoy free delivery.

Who can receive the delivery ?

We deliver to the person at the registered address you provide us with at the point of order.  Should no one be available to receive the meal packages, we will place it at your entrance.  If you foresee this event happening, we advise you to either provide a cooler box at your entrance or purchase one from us before checking out.

My order was delivered with items missing/damaged. What can I do?

If items are missing or damaged, you can notify Home Foods at orders@homefoodsgroup.com

HomeFoods reserves the right to either replace the items or credit the value of the missing or damaged item or the entire value of that dish into the customer's account with HomeFoods. HomeFoods will always elect to act for the welfare and safety of our customers and staff,  including third party vendors. 



Kitchen Essentials

On our recipe cards, these items are denoted with an asterisk (*).   We highly recommend you stock them in your kitchen as we will not be providing them in our packages. These are easily available and affordable at nearby convenience stores or supermarkets.  In fact, you probably already have them in your kitchen.

Cooking oil



Pepper – black and white

Salt ( sea salt preferred over table salt)

White rice


Essential Kitchen Tools :

Aluminium foil

Baking tray

Cling Wrap

Colander / sieve

Cutting board ( wooden recommended) 

Deep sided baking dish ( 30cm x 20 cm recommended)

Frying pan ( between 25cm to 30 cm diameter, & with lid  recommended)

Heat resistant tongs


Measuring cup for liquids ( glass recommended especially for hot liquids)

Measuring spoons (1 teaspoon, 1 tablespoon)

Mixing bowl

Paring knife ( for cutting vegetables and fruits)

Pot holders / oven mittens

Saucepan with lid ( minimum 2 litres capacity recommended)

Spatula / slotted spoon

Stirring spoon


Equipment Frequently Used In Our Recipes :

Blender ( especially for making smoothies)

Microwave with convection oven

Oven /oven toaster / broiler

Rice cooker

Wok and stand for steaming


Recommended Kitchen Tools :

Additional chopping board ( to separate use for raw meat and cooked food )

Chef’s knife (for cutting meat. 20 – 22 cm blade recommended)

Kitchen scissors

Measuring cups for dry ingredients eg flour, grains



How long do the ingredients remain fresh?

Every meal will have a consume-by date. You should place the items in your refrigerator as soon as you receive it to ensure freshness.

Again, you also have the option of purchasing a HomeFoods cooler bag from us to allow us to drop the food packages at your doorstep if no one is available to receive the delivery. 

Are the fresh ingredients already pre-cut and pre-washed ?

Most of the meats will already be prepared to the appropriate size for cooking according to the recipes.

Most of the vegetables (e.g. hardy ones) will be pre-cut to size.  However the more delicate vegetables and fruits (e.g. tomatoes, parsley, avocados, mangoes etc) will not be pre-cut so that maximum freshness will be retained for you.

None of the ingredients are pre-washed so that their freshness will not be compromised by the time you are ready to cook. We advise you to wash and clean all ingredients thoroughly before use in accordance with  good Food Safety regulations and practices.



Will your recipes be easy? I am not confident of my cooking abilities.

HomeFoods will provide you with step-by-step guidance in our recipes, which are tailored specifically for novice chefs. Furthermore, the cooking process is an adventure and experiment; it need not be perfect. You will be surprised by how much you enjoy this process.

Can I buy meals for a relative/friend?

Absolutely.  We encourage you to invite your loved ones to join us in bringing Cooking back Home.  Do provide the details for delivery of the person you wish to gift our meals to.

Do you give any discounts? 

Every so often we launch events, offers and discounts.  Watch out for it on our website, www.facebook.com/homefoodsgroup/  and https://www.instagram.com/homefoodsgroup/

Sign up for an account with us and we will email you the latest updates.  Check your junk mail if you don't hear from us. 

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