"Kamameshi" Style Chicken with Miso Soup

"Kamameshi", or kettle rice, is a traditional Japanese dish where the rice is seasoned with the natural flavours of the other elements.  Inspired by this, we created a nourishing one-pot dish cooked in your rice cooker, with gingko nuts, various mushrooms and top with walnuts for a hearty and healthy dish. 


Serves 2

Ingredients provided:

Hormone-free boneless skinless chicken, Japanese rice, gingko nut, shimeji mushrooms, carrots, sweat peas, walnut, wakame seaweed, miso, soy sauce, mirin, sake, olive oil, spring onion.

What you'll need:

Rice cooker.



Total time:

Approximately 20mins. 

Come on in and discover the Joy of Cooking at Home. 

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